Formula One tires drenched in racing fuel.
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Like opening a bag of all white sour patch, this sativa will jump start a dead battery.


Vanilla soft serve with gas fumes creeping up your nose.

Milk Censored

Sweet and dense like heavy cream with more pistils than a botanical garden.


Madagascar vanilla beans soaking in gas cans with that bag pack appeal.


Formula One tires drenched in racing fuel.


Straight off the bodega counter dipped in lime and sprinkled with mint.

Mamba 24

Mamba never misses and always wears streaks of purple while looking like a snow globe of trichomes.

Cookies & Cream

Traditionally best buds like batman and robin.

Black Diamonds

In this case “The Darker the Flower, the Sweeter the Trichs.“

Suga' Pie

Muffin batter straight from the bowl with brown sugar on the tongue.

Rootbeer Float

Root Beer bong straight to the dome, you’ll be floating like David Blaine.


Puts you on a G5 straight to the Caribbean, might be the only mojito you can roll up and smoke.


Straight out of the Wonka factory, this Everlasting Terpmonster smacks you in the face with a cedar 2x4 and wakes you up with lavender aromas.